ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Login | Make a Payment

If you have taken out an ASPCA pet health insurance policy, you can access your policy 24/7 by creating an online account.  Enrolling enables you to access the claim form, track the status of your claims, add a pet to your account, review plan details and update account information. Below is the step by step process of registering and logging into your account.

ASPCA Pet insurance login

How to Log In

Step 1 – On the company’s homepage (, locate the My Policy link on the top menu as shown below. You will be redirected to the login page.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Login - Step 1

Step 2 – Enter your email address and password and then click “Login” to access your account.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Login - Step 2

Forgot your password – On the login page, locate the “forgot your password” link just below the login form. You will be redirected to the password recovery page where you will be required to provide your email address. Click Submit to start the process. You will be able to rest your password by following the instructions sent to your email address.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Forgot Password

Enroll in Online Access

Step 1 – Go to the homepage and click on the My Policy link at the top of the page as shown below.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Enroll - Step 1

Step 2 –  On the next page, click on the register link appearing below the login form.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Enroll - Step 2

Step 3 – Enter your email address, account number, last 4 digits of your payment method and zip code. You will also be required to create a password.  Click Register at the bottom of the page to complete the enrollment process.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Enroll - Step 3

Make a Claim

You can file a claim by filling in the claims form. Fill it out completely and send it back through email at Make sure to scan and attach a copy of your invoice. You can also send the claim form via fax at 1-866-888-2495 or by mail. You can follow up on the status of your claim by logging into your account.


ASPCA Pet Insurance Review

ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) pet insurance is a carrier that insures both dogs and cats and offers solid coverage options at a competitive price. The company is part of the Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group and ASPCA has been the underwriter for pet insurance since 2006 and the company was founded in 1997. Over the past two decades, ASPCA pet insurance has been the insurance carrier for over 400,000 dogs and cats in the United States and Canada and in that time they have processed in excess of 1.6 million claims. Because of this, you can be sure they are a financially stable company and on top of that are a part of the reputable Crum & Foster Group, which was established way back in 1822. 


On the ASPCA pet insurance website, it states you can get “Valuable pet protection in minutes!” To get the ball rolling all you have to do is:



ASPCA pet insurance offers: 



Also, on the ASPCA website there is a ASPCA pet insurance login where you can manage your policy/policies as well as make payments on your premiums. 

Types of Coverage ASPCA Pet Insurance Offers

The ASPCA pet insurance carrier offers solid coverage options for cats and dogs as well as a plan for Accidents Only. For ASPCA insurance there is the option for additional preventative coverage at an affordable price for care of a routine nature. The preventative additional covers such things as: 

The plans for dogs and cats include coverage for: 

One of the main advantages of ASPCA pet insurance is that you are able to customize the coverage you get to ensure solid coverage at a price that you can afford. There are three yearly options for deductibles, so, for example, you will pay less in your premium if you decide to take a deductible that is higher. In this case, you will have to pay a higher amount before reimbursement. 

Other services offered by ASPCA insurance are: 

There is also a lot of useful information in terms of ASPCA adoption here.

ASPCA Pet Insurance Prices

The ASPCA pet insurance prices are affordable and can give you good coverage for your pet/pets. The things that factor into the costs are:

Beginning with the yearly limit the amount will then determine the annual amount you claim. Typically, a dog owner will spend between $3000 annually and $2,000 annually for cats. Because of this you may want to choose a limit that covers these costs. ASPCA insurance lets you pick annual coverage amounts from $3,000 – $10,000. You also have to factor in the amount of the deductible and that can be from $100 a year and up to $500 a year. You need to choose an amount that you will be able to afford. The same goes for the percentage of the reimbursement, which is 70% to 90%. 

You can get pricing information by using the ASPCA pet insurance login and well as calling 1-866-204-6764 (Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 8:00pm EST). You can also get this information, and more, through the email service, which can be found here. 

ASPCA Pet Insurance Discounts

Considering ASPCA pet insurance is very affordable, there are not many discounts available. However, if you have more than one pet covered through the ASPCA insurance you can get a discount up to 10% on the coverage you purchase. 

ASPCA Pet Insurance Pros and Cons




How do I cancel my ASPCA pet insurance?

You can cancel your ASPCA pet insurance by calling (800) 628-0028. The cancellation of your insurance will happen on the month that you call or the next one at it will depend on when you make the call. 

Can you use ASPCA pet insurance anywhere?

You can use your ASPCA pet insurance at any vet clinic that is licensed in the United States as well as Canada. This includes specialist treatments as well as facilities for pet emergency care. 

How does ASPCA pet insurance reimburse?

After you pay your vet after a visit make sure you keep a copy of any records as well as keeping the receipt. Then you can contact ASPCA insurance over the phone, mail, or online and file a claim, which will be processed within a few days. Once your claim is approved you will be reimbursed for all expenses covered in your policy. The money will either be sent to you in the form of a check and you can also have the money directly deposited in your bank account. 

How long will it take to process my claim with ASPCA pet insurance?

Typically, the claims will be processed in less than 30 days. You can check on the claim process through the Member Center as well as using the ASPCA insurance login on the website or through the mobile app. 

How does preventive care coverage work with ASPCA pet insurance?

The preventative care coverage is for things that you can do to keep your pets healthy. A few of the things covered by this type of coverage includes: 

How to contact ASPCA customer service?

You can contact ASPCA online, email, phone, and Fax. All of these can be found here and the main customer service phone number is 1-866-204-6764. There are also more specialized numbers and email addresses on this page. The ASPCA physical address is American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), 424 E. 92nd St New York, NY 10128-6804. 

Is an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance mobile app available?

Yes. There is an ASPCA mobile app where you can manage your policy and make claims as well as get other useful info. 

How to Add a Pet to my ASPCA pet insurance?

Simply use the ASPCA login in the Member Center then click Pets and then Add a Pet. 


ASPCA pet insurance allows you to get solid coverage for your pet at an affordable price. The company is a reputable one and offers good coverage options in the US and Canada. You can customize your coverage and it is simple to get the coverage you need at the price you can afford. There is a lot of pertinent information on the ASPCA website and in the ASPCA mobile app. All in all, ASPCA insurance is a great option for pet insurance and you can see this with the many ASPCA pet insurance reviews they have received.