Free Anthem (Blue Cross Blue Shield) Health Insurance Quote

You can get a free Anthem health insurance quote on the website before speaking to an agent. This is a great feature for those who do not want to get involved in a high pressure sales environment before finding out how much the policies cost.  The company has a variety of plans to meet various needs. You can get a quote for each of the plans by following the steps below.

How to Get a Quote

Step 1 – Start by going to the homepage ( You can also click on the “Quote” link appearing at the top of this page to go to the homepage directly.

Anthem Insurance Quote - Step 1

Step 2 – Locate the “Free Instant Quote” form at the bottom left hand side of the screen as illustrated below.

Anthem Insurance Quote - Step 2

Step 3 – Select “Individual and Family Plans” and then enter your zip code and county. Click “Start” to proceed.

Anthem Insurance Quote - Step 3

Step 4 – You will be redirected to the “get a quote” page. Enter your name, date of birth, income (optional) and select who will need coverage. Click “Continue”.

Anthem Insurance Quote - Step 4

Step 5 – On the next page, use the calculator to determine the estimated savings you could make in form of tax credit from the federal government. The amount will depend on your income and the size of your household.

Anthem Insurance Quote - Step 5

Step 6 – You will now be able to view quotes for all medical plans. Select one to proceed.

Anthem Insurance Quote - Step 6

Step 7 – You can now view the dental plans. Select one to proceed.

Anthem Insurance Quote - Step 7

Step 8 – View the vision plans. Select one to proceed.

Anthem Insurance Quote - Step 8

Step 9 – View a summary of your quote and the total cost.

Anthem Insurance Quote - Step 9