Free Citizens Property Insurance Quote

Citizens Property Insurance is a non-profit company that was created by the Florida Legislature. It only offers policies to personal and commercial customers who are not able to obtain property insurance through a private company. Specifically, Citizens can only write a new policy if the customer is not eligible to obtain coverage via a private insurer, or the premiums charged by private insurers (approved by the State of Florida) are higher than 15% when compared to the current premiums offered by Citizens. Because of the somewhat complicated eligibility requirements, only agents licensed to work with Citizens can approve/purchase new policies. The guide below provides a general overview of how to find an agent, as well as how to determine if your property is eligible for a wind-only policy.

How to Get a Quote

Step 1 – Review the policy eligibility guidelines on this page.

Step 2 – Use the form on the right side of the page (outlined in red below) to find an agent in your city. Enter one of the following variables: agent’s first name, last name, your ZIP code, or county.


Step 3 – Click the arrow button to load the results page. Agent names will be displayed, along with an address of their office location, and email addresses/phone numbers.


Determine Wind-Only Eligibility – On the ‘Get a Policy’ page (link above/at the top of the page). Scroll down until you see the ‘Wind-Only’ form. Enter your property’s street address, city, and ZIP code. Click the arrow button to see if your property qualifies for a wind-only policy.