Free Country Financial Insurance Quote

You can obtain a free Country Financial Insurance quote online for auto, home, renters, business, crop, farm, life, disability, long-term care, and winery policies by using Country Financial’s online quote tool. If you would rather receive a quote over the phone you can call (866-268-6879). You can also search for a representative in your area by going to this page and entering your ZIP code into the search bar. Use the instructions posted below to learn how to get a quote online.

How to Get a Quote

Step 1 – Start by going to the homepage (link opens in a new window).

Step 2 – Once on the homepage, click the “Get a Quote” link. In the drop-down field that appears enter your ZIP code, select the type of policy you want to get a custom quote for, and then press the “Go” button. You will be taken to the quote form.


Step 3 – Enter the following details into the input fields:

Note: The information that is required during the quote process depends on the type of policy (i.e. auto, home, etc.) you are getting a quote for. 


Step 4 – Agree to the terms/conditions and then press “Continue” to move on to the next section.

Step 5 – Select policy features/coverages, and then review your quote.