Free Golden Rule Dental Insurance Quote

Interested in purchasing a dental policy from Golden Rule Insurance? Use the free online rate quote tool to get a no-obligation estimate within minutes. The Golden Rule/UnitedHealthcare dental provider network consists of over 182,000 dentists in over 40 states. Plans are also available to families/individuals who do not want to use an in-network provider. Preventative, maintenance, and major care services are covered in most policies. Search for an in-network dentist in your area by going to this page (link opens in a new window). Use the guide below to learn how to use the online quote tool.

How to Get a Quote

Step 1 – Start by going to the main dental page here.

Step 2 – Click the ‘Get Quote’ button to begin the process.

Note: You can also call 1-(866)-568-4830 to receive a quote over the phone.


Step 3 – Enter your ZIP code and choose your county. Select the gender of you and your family members, and then enter dates of birth and levels of tobacco use. Press the ‘View Plans’ button.


Step 4 – A list of available plans will load. You can sort the plans by deductible, coinsurance, or premium amounts. Click ‘Details’ to view detailed policy information. Press the ‘Apply’ button next to a plan that you want to purchase to begin the online application process.

Note: If you want to compare different plans, check the ‘Compare’ box under each plan (up to four), and then hit the ‘Compare’ button near the top of the plan results list.