Free Horace Mann Life Insurance Quote

Request a free Horace Mann life insurance quote online by filling out the form on the website (visual guide with step-by-step instructions posted below). You can also search for an agent in your area (click here – link opens in a new tab/window). A great way to get an idea about how much insurance you may need is by using the ‘life insurance needs analysis’ calculator (see the how-to guide at the bottom of this page).

How to Get a Quote

Step 1 – To request a quote online, go to the homepage (

Step 2 – Select ‘Life’in the drop-down list under the ‘Request’ section (outlined in red below).


Step 3 – Select whether you are an educator or current policyholder, and enter your ZIP code.

Step 4 – Select the school you are currently employed at from the drop-down list and click ‘Next.’


Step 5 – Enter the following information into the form:

Step 6 – Select which products you are interested in receiving a custom quote for, and click the ‘Finish’ button to submit your request.


How to Use the Life Insurance Analysis Calculator

Step 1 – Go to the life insurance calculator page here (link will open in new window/tab).

Step 2 – Enter the following inputs:

Step 3 – Click the following tabs to load the input forms:


The results will update as the inputs are altered/entered. If results do not automatically update, hit the ‘Results’ link. Press ‘View Report’ to view a detailed graphical analysis of the results.