Free Progressive Homeowners Insurance Quote

Call 1-800-776-4737 (option #3) to obtain a free Progressive homeowners insurance quote over the phone. You can also receive an online quote via the website, the process of which is described below.

How to Get a Quote

Note: If you would rather go over your policy options in-person with a local agent, go here to find the office closest to you. 

Step 1 – Enter your ZIP code into the form on this page.


Step 2 – You will be transferred to the secure online quote submission form. The process is six steps long. Enter your street address and desired start date of coverage. After entering your address you will be prompted to verify your address.

Note: Call 1-866-960-8606 to speak with an insurance representative if you have any questions regarding your quote, or need assistance.


Step 3 – The next section is where you will provide your policy details. Enter the policyholder details (name, DOB, email, whether or not you currently have another Progressive policy), and then enter your home insurance history.

Note: Depending on your answers to the questions, you may need to provide additional information.


Step 4 – In the ‘Property Details’ section (1. interior 2. exterior 3. heating and cooling), enter the required details of your property (some details may already be filled out for you). Click the ‘Next’ button to continue on to the next step.


Step 5 – The fifth section is where you will enter various occupancy details (number of household members, residence employees, if you are a dog owner, if a trustee or LLC is on the deed, etc.). After completing this step, you will be able to view your customized rate/quote information (as well as be able to purchase the policy).