Free State Farm Commercial Insurance Quote

Contact a local agent to receive a State Farm commercial insurance quote over the phone, or in-person at their office. Free online rate quotes are available for certain commercial/small business policies. You can learn more about all of the different plans offered by using the ‘Get Free Quote’ button above. For example purposes, the section below instructs how to obtain an online rate for a small business life insurance plan.

How to Get a Quote

Step 1 – Go to the main small business plans page (here). Select an option from the list on the left as outlined below.


Step 2 – Depending on your choice, you will have the option to either ‘Find an Agent’ or ‘Get a Quote’ via the form that is outlined below (enter your ZIP code/select your state and then click the ‘Go’ button).

Note: Not all types of policies have an online quote option.


Step 3 – If an online quote is available, you will be redirected to that plan’s specific form (otherwise you will be transferred to a search results page listing all of the agents in your area).


Step 4 – Enter your gender, date of birth, height/weight, if you have used any form of tobacco within the past three years, and your general level of healthiness. In the next section, provide the level of coverage you wish to receive (based on the given factors).

Note: Click the ‘Get Quote’ or ‘Continue’ link at the bottom of each page of the form to move onto the next section/step.

Step 6 – Choose the type of policy you want to apply for, customize the terms/coverage amounts, and then review your policy. You will be given the option to submit your application on the final page of the form.