Free Stillwater Insurance Quote

Get a free Stillwater Insurance quote (for a property policy) online via the Stillwater website. You can also get a custom rate by contacting a local agent (click here to find agents/offices in your area – link opens in a new tab/window). Policies are available to qualified applicants throughout the country (the company is a licensed provider in all 50 states). Follow the step-by-step instructions in the guide below to learn how to navigate the website and get your free custom rate.

How to Get a Quote

Step 1 – Begin by going to the main site (

Note: You can discuss your options with a licensed agent/representative over the phone by calling 1-855-209-7825.

Step 2 – Once on the homepage click the “Quick Quote” link.


Step 3 – If you received an offer in the mail from Stillwater and have a reference number, enter it into the “Reference Number” form. Otherwise enter your ZIP code into the first form and then click the “Start” link underneath it.


Step 4 – Select whether the property is owned/rented, and then select the property type, your overall credit rating, and how the property will be used (primary residence, part-time, vacant, etc.).


Step 5 – You may be required to enter more details regarding the property/residence, as well as personal details.