Free VPI Pet Insurance Quote

Get a free VPI pet insurance quote online by following the steps listed in the how-to guide posted below. It’s recommended that before your start the quote process, you familiarize yourself with VPI’s product offerings on this page. The ‘Compare Insurance’ page (accessed by clicking the link in the main menu), can be used to compare numerous different providers (such as AKC, Healthy Paws, PetPlan, PetFirst, etc.) with Nationwide.

How to Get a Quote

Step 1 – Go to the homepage (enter into your web browser, or you can press the ‘Quote’ button at the top of this page to load the homepage in a new tab/window).

Step 2 – Click the ‘Get a quote’ link as outlined in the screenshot. You will be taken to the main submission form/page.


Step 3 – Enter your ZIP code.

Step 4 – Select which kind of pet you have (dog, cat, or bird/exotic).


Step 5 – Enter the name of your pet.

Step 6 – From the drop-down list, select the age of your pet.

Step 7 – Select how you heard about Naitonwide pet insurance.

Step 8 – Enter your contact details (main phone number or email address). Click the button at the bottom of the form to load your custom rate.


Note: If you are already a current policyholder, and are interested in obtaining a quote for an add-on pet. Sign in to your account and look for the ‘Enroll New Pet’ link to receive a 5% discount on the policy.