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Mercury Home Insurance Login | Make a Payment

You can set up online payments towards your Mercury home insurance policy via the ‘Customer Portal’ (available 24/7). Current policyholders can also request changes to their plan(s), view and print out insurance ID cards, view old statements/bills, and more. Follow the steps in the instructions below to access your account, register an account if you do not already have one, reset your password, sign in from a mobile device, make a one-time payment, or report a home/property claim.

Mercury Insurance login

How to Log In

Step 1 – Click on the ‘Login’ button at the top of this page to go directly to the secure sign-in page. You can also go to the homepage, and then press the ‘Login to your account’ link as outlined in the below image.


Step 2 – Once on the secure sign-in page, enter your user credentials (email and password). Click ‘Log In’ to access your account.

Note: You may be required to verify your identity during the sign-in process. 


Forgot Password – On the main sign-in form, click the ‘Forgot Password?’ link located directly under the email address input field. You will be redirected to the password reset page. Enter your email address, and then complete the captcha form. Further instructions will be sent to your account email.


Enroll in Online Access

Step 1 – Beginning on the homepage, go to the sign-in page (hover over ‘My Account’ and then click ‘Register My Account’).


Step 2 – You will be taken to the three-step registration form. In the first section, provide your policy details (number, ZIP code, full name, date of birth). Press the ‘Next’ button to go to the next step of the registration process.


Non-Login Payment

Step 1 – Go to this page.

Step 2 – Enter your policy number and then click ‘Search.’

Note: Call 1-(888)-637-2176 for billing support.


Step 3 – Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your payment.

Mobile Login

Step 1 – Enter into your mobile web browser.

Step 2 – Click the ‘Manage My Account’ button.


Step 3 – Enter your user credentials and click ‘Log In.’


Make a Claim

Step 1 – Call 1(800)-503-3724 to report a claim. At this time there is no online claim tool (although policyholders can view past claims from the customer portal).

Note: If an incident/accident has occurred, you should file a claim as soon as possible. More information regarding the claims process is available here.

Mercury Home Insurance Review

Mercury is an insurance carrier that has been around since 1961 and they offer several different types of insurance products. They have home, auto, and business insurance and they offer solid coverage options at affordable prices. The company offers solid discounts, especially for bundling insurance options such as having homeowners and auto insurance. It is quick and easy to not only get a quote but file a claim as well. 

You know that Mercury cares about your security, as they have a Special Investigations Unit (SIU) that works hand-in-hand with local law enforcement to try to break up fraud rings as well as scammers. They are a company that has nearly $6 billion in total assets, over 4,400 employees, and over 9,400 independent agents. You cannot get Mercury insurance in every state, as they state they offer their policies are: 

  • Alabama 
  • Georgia 
  • New Jersey 
  • Texas 
  • California
  • Illinois 
  • New York 
  • Virginia 
  • Oklahoma 
  • Nevada 
  • Florida 

Besides homeowner’s insurance Mercury also offers: 

  • Auto insurance 
  • Umbrella insurance 
  • Mechanical protection 
  • Local insurance 
  • Condo insurance 
  • Renters insurance 
  • Landlord Insurance 
  • Optional residence coverage 
  • Business owners insurance 
  • Business auto insurance 

On the Mercury website you will see the My Account link and on that page through the Mercury insurance login you can manage your policy and make payments on your premiums. 

Types of Coverage Mercury Home Insurance Offers

Not only does Mercury offer policies that protect your home and property but also your belongings and your guests’ belongings. They offer a nice variety of home insurance policies to fit your needs and you work with a dedicated agent in order to find the best coverage for your specific situation. 

We know how important your home is to you and we want to help you make sure it’s protected. A Mercury Insurance policy for your home doesn’t just protect your house and property, it also protects you, your guests and your belongings. With a variety of homeowners coverage options, you can rest easy knowing your home and those who live and visit there are protected when you insure with Mercury.

Here are the different coverage options that Mercury offers for home insurance: 

  • Dwelling Protection – This helps cover the damage to your home from such things as fire, smoke, lightning, storms, and other similar types of things. 
  • Personal Property – This covers the replacement of things in your house if they are damaged by such things as fire, theft, or anything else that is specifically outlined in the coverage. 
  • Extended Replacement Cost – This gives you extra coverage of up to 150% of your home’s limits in the policy to rebuild your house if there is an event that is covered in the policy. 
  • Additional Living Expenses – This helps pay for living expenses, such as a rental home or hotel, if it is the case that you cannot reside in your home if there is an event covered in the policy. 
  • Personal Liability Protection – This can help with the costs of personal injury as well as property damage to others if there is an event covered in the policy. 
  • Guest Medical Protection – This coverage will help pay for your guest’s medical costs if they are injured by an accident that happens in your home or on your property. 
  • Identity Theft Protection – This will cover the costs if you are the victim of identity theft. 
  • There is also coverage for personal property for such valuables as jewelry, art, and antiques, to just name a few.

Mercury Home Insurance Prices

Mercury is a company that offers competitive prices for their home insurance products. The price of the policies will differ from state to state and also will differ depending on what type of Mercury insurance home coverage you are looking to have. Other factors that will have an impact on the price of the policy are: 

  • The age and condition of your home 
  • Where your home is located 
  • If your home is in a gated community 
  • If there are safety devices installed in your house 

You can also save on your insurance policy by making adjustments to protection options such as increasing the deductible you have, bundling with an auto insurance policy, or altering the options for coverage. If you are building a home, you can also save if you use materials that are more insurance friendly such as tiles for the roof and concrete. 

Through the Mercury insurance login on the website, you can also get pricing information. You can also get it by calling them at 800-503-3724.

Mercury Home Insurance Discounts

There are several discounts that Mercury insurance offers that can help you save money. The discounts offered are: 

  • Multi-Policy (bundling) – Having a home and auto insurance policy with Mercury. 
  • Protective Devices Discount – This can save you money if you have things such as smoke alarms, deadbolt locks, and anti-theft devices installed in your home. 
  • Fire-Resistant Construction Materials – If your home is constructed with materials that are fire resistant. 
  • Newer Home – If your home is a new one. 
  • Gated Community – If your home is in a gated community.
  • Higher Deductible – You can save money if you select a higher deductible. 

Again, you can get discount information through the Mercury sign-in as well as by calling 800-503-3724. Also, if you are interested in bundling there is also a Mercury auto insurance login where you can get that information as well as manage your auto insurance policy.

Mercury Home Insurance Pros and Cons


  • Affordable homeowner’s insurance 
  • Good range of coverage options 
  • Solid 24/7 customer service 
  • Many other insurance products such as renter’s insurance, auto insurance, and business auto insurance to just name a few 
  • Nice selection of discounts 
  • Can easily manage policy/policies through the Mercury insurance sign in 
  • Easy to get Mercury insurance quote 
  • Easy to make Mercury insurance claims 


  • Only available in 11 states 
  • Complaints about claims being paid out at a low rate
  • Various accounting complaints 


Is Mercury insurance a good company? 

Mercury insurance is a carrier that is a good one that offers several types of insurance coverage options. They are financially stable with nearly $6 billion in assets and they partner with more than 8,000 independent insurance agents to help you get the exact coverage you need. There are solid discounts available and the insurance is affordable. You can manage your home insurance policy on the website through the Mercury sign in and while there is not a Mercury insurance agent login through this link you can find a good agent to listen to you. Mercury insurance has garnered solid customer reviews and the company is an established one, having been founded in 1961.

Does Mercury insurance cover motorcycles?

No. Mercury insurance does offer auto insurance but they do not offer motorcycle insurance.

Is Mercury insurance a standard company?

Yes, Mercury insurance is a standard company that offers reliable insurance products at an affordable price

Does Mercury insurance accept American Express?

No. Mercury insurance does not accept American Express but they do accept bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Apple Pay. In terms of payment there is also the Mercury one time payment option  where you can pay for your premiums all at one time.

Does Mercury insurance cover salvage titles?

Yes. Mercury insurance does cover salvage titles if the auto in question was rebuilt and then inspected before it was salvaged.

Does Mercury Insurance cover towing? 

Yes. Mercury insurance covers the cost of towing through 24/7 roadside assistance in their auto insurance coverage.

What are Mercury Insurance working hours? 

The Mercury insurance working hours are 

Mon – Fri: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM 

Sat: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM 

Sun: Closed. 

The main office of Mercury Insurance is in Houston, Texas. The billing specialists are available by phone at (800) 503-3724, Monday to Saturday between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. P.T. You can also make Mercury insurance claims by phone or online 24/7. 

How to make a claim with Mercury Insurance?

You can also make Mercury insurance claims by phone or online 24/7. The claims phone number is (800) 503-3724. To make Mercury insurance claims online you can use your Mercury insurance login. When you make a claim the information you will need to provide is: 

  • Your Policy Number 
  • Date, Time, & Location
  • Police report (if taken)
  • Name of Police Department (if one was contacted) 
  • Description of Damage


Mercury insurance is a carrier that has a solid reputation and established in 1961, it has been around the block. They offer an array of insurance products such as home and auto and there are quite a few discounts available. The company offers their policies in 11 states across America and they have a solid customer service department. On top of that you make Mercury insurance claims 24/7 online or over the phone. The carrier has had solid customer service reviews over the years and the company is one that has solid financial stability with nearly $6 billion in total assets. All in all, Mercury is a good insurance carrier that offers policies at an affordable price.

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Our editor admin of, a website that provides comprehensive reviews of insurance companies and products. He has over 10 years of experience in the insurance industry, and he is passionate about helping consumers find the best insurance for their needs.

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