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Travelers Home Insurance Login | Make a Payment

Create a Travelers Home Insurance online account to pay your bills, view/review claims, view policy information, etc. The instructions posted below are provided to help you navigate the Travelers website so you can learn how to make an account, log in to an existing account, reset your password, and make a payment/file a claim.

Travelers Home insurance login

How to Log In

Step 1 – Start by going to the homepage (

Step 2 – Click the large “Log In” button near the top-right of the page.

Step 3 – Enter your user ID/password into the form and hit the log in button to complete the sign-in process.


Forgot Password – Click the “Trouble logging in?” link in the login form. Select “I Forgot My Password” and then enter your user ID. After you have been verified you will be able to reset your password.


Enroll in Online Access

Step 1 – Go to the registration page ( and then click the “Register Now” link in the “Personal Insurance” section.


Step 2 – Enter your email address and then click the “Agree/Continue” button.

Step 3 – After verifying your identity you will be able to create your user ID/password.


Make a Payment

Step 1 – Online payments can be made by signing in to your account. Payment methods include EFT (electronic funds transfer) and credit card.

File a Claim

Step 1 – Go to the main claims page here (link opens in a separate tab/window).

Step 2 – Select your claim type from the drop-down list and then press the “Start Claim” button.

Note: You can also report a claim over the phone by calling 1-800-Claim33.


Travelers Home Insurance Review

Travelers is an insurance carrier that offers home insurance as well as other insurance products. They are a reputable company that was established in 1864 and they offer coverage at an affordable price. Travelers Insurance Company offers other types of insurance too so you can save with bundle discounts such as having a home insurance and car insurance policy with Travelers. Home insurance is available in every state in America, except for Michigan, Alaska, West Virginia, Florida, and Louisiana. It is also available in Washington D.C. 

There are over 10,000 Travelers brokers in the United States and the types of insurance products they offer are: 

  • Auto 
  • Home 
  • Condo 
  • Renters 
  • Boat & Yacht 
  • Landlord 
  • Umbrella 
  • ID Fraud 
  • Travel
  • Wedding & Events 
  • Pet 

It is very simple to get a home insurance quote through Travelers home insurance and it is just as simple to make a claim as well. On the Travelers insurance website you can use the Travelers insurance login to easily manage your policy/policies. Travelers home insurance claims process is simple and can be completed online.

Types of Coverage Travelers Home Insurance Offers

Through a Travelers representative you can find Travelers home insurance where you can get the best coverage available at an affordable price. The polices that are available cover: 

  • Your home’s structure. 
  • Other structures that are on the property that you own such as a garage or a shed.
  • The personal belongings in your home.
  • Expenses for living if there is a covered loss through a Travelers policy and you cannot live there. 
  • Legal fees and costs for liability of a personal nature. 
  • Items that have limited value, as you can typically get additional coverage. 

One of the nice things about Travelers home insurance is that you have coverage and limits that can be customized to fit your exact needs. Here are the categories, which can give solid protection to your home. 

  • Dwelling Coverage – This type of coverage will help cover the costs for repairs on your home or if you need to totally rebuild it or if there is other damage covered by the policy. Some of the things that are covered in dwelling coverage are fire, severe weather damage, water damage, leaks from appliances, vandalism, and theft. 
  • Personal Property Coverage – This can help with the costs for personal belongings that are inside your house if they are damage as well as destroyed and covered by the policy. Some of the things covered are the furniture in your home, clothes, electronic items, and sporting goods. 
  • Personal Liability Coverage – This gives you protection if there is a claim and you can be defended if there is a lawsuit if it is the case where either you or a member of your family in the home is at fault and causes an injury to another individual or damage to the property. 

Travelers home insurance also offers additional add-ons policies, including: 

  • Specified coverage for personal property – The typical coverage for personal property will pay you a benefit if you have items that are stolen from your home, damaged, or destroyed. This additional coverage option widens the scope of your coverage paying you for things damaged or destroyed by a disaster that are excluded in your original policy. 
  • Replacement of contents – This additional coverage ensures that if you have possessions stolen or destroyed you will be paid out enough to purchase new belongings rather than decreasing the benefit for things that worth less due to depreciation.
  • More coverage cost for replacement – If something happens and your house is destroyed and it costs more to rebuild than the limit on your original coverage, you can get more money to cover the overages. 
  • Jewels and other valuables additional coverage – If the original coverage you have does not have enough coverage for jewelry or other valuables, you can increase the limits of the coverage. You can also get a separate policy for these things. 
  • Water backup, discharge for sump pump, overflow – This additional coverage if there is water damage from a backup to the home’s drains, sump pumps, and lines for the sewer. 
  • ID Fraud – If you have any personal info stolen and used in a fraudulent manner you can be reimbursed up to $25,000. 
  • Green home – This additional coverage will help pay for materials that are more friendly to the environment if you repair or rebuild after a claim that is covered by your policy. 

Travelers Home Insurance Prices

Travelers home insurance is in the middle of the pack in terms of pricing, but they can be much more affordable with the discounts available. There are several factors that will determine the price you pay for Travelers home insurance. Some of those factors are: 

  • Where you live 
  • The condition of your home 
  • How old your home is 
  • If you live in a gated community 
  • If there are safety devices that are installed in your home 
  • If your home is made with green materials (environmentally friendly) 

You can also get pricing information by using the Travelers homeowners insurance login and by calling the Travelers home insurance phone number of 1-800-842-5075. You can also get a quote by calling 1-866-210-4865. 

Travelers Home Insurance Discounts

When you are looking for home insurance coverage you need to check out all the discounts available at Travelers home insurance. There are discounts for multi-policies, as well as discounts for loss-free. Additionally, there are discounts available if your home has smart home technology.  You can also save if your home has protected devices installed such as: 

  • Systems that are automatic for water shutoff 
  • Smoke detectors 
  • Fire alarms 
  • Systems for home security 
  • Smart technology with alerts for fire, water, or theft. 

You can save up to 12% on your Travelers home insurance policy if you have three policies with the carrier. You can also get a discount up to 10% if you buy your policy early depending on how early you get it for your home. You can really save with the bundle discounts of: 

  • Auto and Home 
  • Auto and Condo 
  • Auto and Renters 

Travelers Home Insurance Pros and Cons


  • Established and reputable insurance carrier 
  • Affordable prices on insurance products 
  • Solid coverage options 
  • Several additional coverage options 
  • Other insurance besides home insurance 
  • Easy to manage policy/policies through Travelers home insurance login 
  • Good Travelers home insurance reviews 


  • Not available in all 50 states 
  • Negative reviews for the Travelers mobile application 


How to make a payment online with travelers insurance? 

You can pay your bill online through the Travelers login bill pay on this page. On this page you can also make a one-time payment and set up auto pay for Travelers insurance online payment. On this page you can see the physical addresses and phone numbers for payment. 

What is a Travelers home insurance phone number?

There is not just one Travelers home insurance phone number but a few and here they are with the hours of operation. 

  • Get a Quote – 1.866.427.5994 – Monday-Friday 8am-11pm ET, Saturday 8:30am-6:30pm ET, and Sunday 8:30am-6:00pm ET.
  • Billing and Policy Service Questions – 1-800-842-5075 – 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Report a Claim – 1.800.Claim33 – 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Check Status of a Claim – 1-800-252-4633 – Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm ET. 

How do I get a quote from Travelers insurance?

You can get a Travelers home insurance quote by calling 1.866.427.5994 and you can also get it online here. On that page you can also retrieve a saved quote and find an agent.  

How do I make a claim with Travelers home insurance?

You can report a travelers home insurance claim by calling 1.800.Claim33 (24/7 365 days a year) and you can also do so online through the Travelers insurance login. When you contact the claims department they will walk you through all you need to do. 

Is Travelers insurance better than State Farm?

Both are two of the top insurance carries in the United States and both have received positive insurance reviews. The better one is the one that is better for you in terms of the coverage you need at an affordable price. 

What is the best home insurance company?

The best home insurance company is the one that gives you solid coverage at a good price. The company has to be a reputable one as well such as Travelers home insurance. 

Where does Travelers homeowners insurance have its headquarters? 

The Travelers corporate headquarters office is 485 Lexington Ave., New York, NY, 10017. 


Travelers is one of the more reputable insurance carriers and they offer much more than home insurance. They offer great discounts and their policies are priced competitively. The company is an established one that was founded in 1864 and they have solid home insurance coverage with quite a few additional coverage options. Travelers home insurance can give you the coverage you need at a price that you can afford, so you can rest easy knowing your home, as well as you and your family, are protected. 

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Our editor admin of, a website that provides comprehensive reviews of insurance companies and products. He has over 10 years of experience in the insurance industry, and he is passionate about helping consumers find the best insurance for their needs.

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