Free Wells Fargo Renters Insurance Quote

Obtain a free Wells Fargo renters insurance quote by following the instructions in the section below. Because Wells Fargo renters insurance is provided by Assurant, you must get your quote through the Assurant site (follow the guide for specific instructions). Some of the events that are covered on a standard policy include vandalism, lightning, explosion, fire/smoke, theft, and earthquake (available only in California and Washington). It’s important to note that your landlord’s insurance policy usually will not cover the same types of events that a renters policy will which is why it’s important to purchase one. There are coverage limits on specific types of possessions/property (electronics, jewelry, guns, etc.). More information can be viewed on this page (link opens in a new tab/window).

How to Get a Quote

Step 1 – Go to the Wells Fargo renters page (link).

Step 2 – Press the “Get a Quote” link, you will be transferred to the Assurant site.


Step 3 – Select your state from the drop-down list and then fill in your ZIP code. Click the button as outlined below to go to the form.


Step 4 – Select your dwelling type from the drop-down list. Select whether or not your lease requires all residents to have a renters policy, whether or not you’ve had any losses in the past three years, and if you own/care for a pet or animal that can cause personal injury. Answer if your property is wooden framed or brick (masonry), select the policy effective date, and then answer if you would like to provide an email address. Press the continue button to go to the next section.


Step 5 – After you’ve completed the required sections of the form you will be able to view your custom rate and purchase a policy.