Free HAP Insurance Quote

If you’re interested in purchasing an individual or family health insurance plan, learn how to get a free HAP Insurance quote via the guide on this page. HAP individual/family plans are available to residents throughout the State of Michigan. Numerous benefits and additional services are available when you purchase any type of plan/policy (including identity theft protection, international emergency medical treatment coverage, travel assistance, and specialized coverage for students). More details regarding available plan types (as well as features/benefits/discounts) can be viewed on this page (link will open in a separate window/tab).

How to Get a Quote

Step 1 – Start by going to the homepage.

Step 2 – Once on the homepage click the “Get a Quote” button (outlined in red in the screenshot).


Step 3 – Enter your ZIP code and county/State into the input fields. Hit the “View Coverage Options” button to load the next page.

Step 4 – Once your location details have been processed you will be presented with a list of which policies/plans are available in your area (e.g. if you can purchase a plan off the marketplace or not).

Step 5 – Press the “Shop for Coverage” button to load the personalized quote form.


Step 6 – Press the “Select Products” link and then select which plans/policies you want included in your search/quote (medical, dental, medical and dental).


Step 7 – Hit the “Add Individuals” button to add you/your family members to the policy (you can select between individual, couple, individual/children, family, or children).

Step 8 – Enter the full name, date of birth, gender, and tobacco usage of each person you add. Click the “Start Shopping” button to view plans/policies.