Free Nationwide Life Insurance Quote

In order to obtain a free Nationwide life insurance quote call 1-866-207-9160, or find a local agent and visit a branch office. Learn about the different types of policies offered by Nationwide on this page. Although quotes can be initiated online, the process must be completed either over the phone or in-person. Use the steps listed below to begin the quote process online. After submitting your personal details via the online form, an agent will be in touch with you (via either phone or email) to go over the plans that align with your specific circumstances.

How to Get a Quote

Note: Call 1-(866)-688-9143 or 1-(866)-207-9160 to speak directly with an agent and receive a free quote. Alternatively, follow the steps below to initiate a quote online.

Step 1  – Go to the main ‘Get a Quote’ page located here. Select your state of residence from the first drop-down menu, and then ‘Life’ from the second menu. Click the ‘Go’ button to begin the quote process.


Step 2 – Enter the following information into the associated input fields on the form:


Click the ‘Submit’ button. An agent will contact you to discuss the various policy options, payment plans, and coverage types available to you.